Duo Qiu Yixing Zisha Teapot

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  • Material:Qing Hui Duan Ni
  • Origin:Yixing (宜兴), Jiangsu Province, China
  • Volume: 240ml

There is only one word difference between Duo Qiu and Duo Zhi, and these two teapot types are very similar, so Douqiu and Doujiao are a pair of twins. Duo Qiu is based on the evolution of Duo Zhi.

The word "Duo"(掇) means "to pile up" in the Chinese dictionary. The name "Duo Qiu" (掇球)is a very visual one, as Duo Qiu is made up of several spheres stacked on top of each other. The entire body of a Duo Qiu teapot forms a large ball. The lid is a medium sphere, and the knob is a small sphere so that there are three spheres stacked together from the bottom to the top. There are also two spheres hidden on the spout and handle, with the upper contour line of the spout extended and the outer contour line of the handle, thus forming two symmetrical spheres and echoing each other. This is why it is named "Duo Qiu".

The overall shape of the Doukou pot is simple and static, but with a distinctive dynamic and strong force. It is full and solid, simple and mellow, and refined and subtle.

One side of the pot is engraved with a landscape painting, while the other side is engraved with the word "Yi Jiang Nan"(忆江南).

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