Shan Shui Han Duo Yixing Tea Pot

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  • Material: Duan Ni Clay
  • Origin: Yixing, Jiangsu Province, China
  • Capacity:150ml

Han Duo(汉铎), that is, the Han Dynasty's Duo. Duo, a big bell, is an ancient musical instrument.

There are two symbolic meanings and feelings for the Han Duo teapot.

One is the meaning of form, Han Duo is also known as the great bell of the Han Dynasty, a musical instrument in ancient times, and musical instruments are capable of making the heart happy.

The second is the meaning of emotion, the emotion it gives, it feels like a big bell, with a deafening sound, which can both alert us and help us meditate.

What you can feel in a teapot is not only the spirit of the shape, but also the emotion that the teapot maker wants to give you, and every time you see it, every time you taste it, you will have new feelings and a long aftertaste.

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