Min Guo Lv Ni Yixing Clay Teapot

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  • Capacity:200cc/6.7oz
  • Origin:Yixing,Jiangsu,China
  • Material: Min Guo (nationalist era) Lv Ni
  • Weight:About 210g

What is Min Guo Lv Ni Yixing Clay Teapot?

This Yixing clay teapot is made by using min guo (nationalist era) lv ni, which is a type of Benshan Duan Ni that was exploited during the nationalist era. The craftsman got the idea from blue and white porcelain to get the unique min guo lv ni.

What does the Pattern mean?

This yixing clay teapot is decorated with a hand-engraved orchid and two Chinese characters “茶香 (tea fragrance)”. Orchid has been particularly favored by Chinese scholars since ancient times, as in Chinese culture it represents integrity, nobility and friendship, all of which are virtues of a perfectly cultured gentleman and scholar.

How to clean a Yixing clay teapot?

Hand washes only using hot water and gentle scrubbing without soap (Yixing clay absorbs aromas easily). Keep lid off until thoroughly dry. Do not microwave.

How is it packaged?

Safely packed in a gift box with foam protection.

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