Snowflake Glaze Porcelain Teapot and Tea Cups Set

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  • Materials: Ceramic
  • Teapot capacity: 190 ml
  • Cup capacity: 75 ml

The Chinese travel tea set is with one teapot and 2 small teacups, a travel case not only keep the porcelain teapot and cups safe but also convenient to carry. There is also an optional bamboo tea tray.

Material: Ceramics

Classification of ceramics: Porcelain

Origin: Dehua

Surface technology: snowflake glaze

Boiling Water Function: No

Size Information:

Teapot Capacity: 190ml, Length: 14cm, width: 7cm

Cup Capacity:75cm, Length: 6cm, width: 4cm

Tea Tray Length: 26.5cm, width: 13cm

What is Snowflake glaze?

Snowflake glaze was first created by the craftsman in Jingdezhen in Xuan De, Ming Dynasty, and was made mature in Kangxi, Qing Dynasty. It is on the basis of fired white glaze ware and blows blue glaze juice with the bamboo tube on the surface of the ware, and then forms spots of uneven thickness and different depth, the remaining white glaze ground seems to be falling snow, hidden in the blue glaze.

Snowflake glaze is a special decorative effect of ceramic glaze. Tea sets are characterized by elegance like snowflakes, deep qualifications, and rich texture. Formed after 1,300 degrees of high temperature, there is no mercury, lead toxic substances with snowflake glaze products.

What is the benefit of Snowflake glaze?

Using transparent and even top-grade porcelain, the porcelain glaze is delicate and bright. The use of a snow glaze tea set can make tea become good in the throat, reduce bitter taste, make the taste of tea become superior mellow, maintain the best original ecological tea aroma.



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