Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea-Mi Lan Xiang Honey Orchids Aroma

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  • Another name:Feng huang dancong
  • Origin:Chaozhou,Guangdong,China
  • Harvest time:In Autumn,2020
  • Taste: Strong and Fresh

What is Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong tea?

Phoenix Dan cong has a production history of more than 900 years, and has a long history and reputation.Phoenix Dan cong tea is produced in Fenghuang Town and is named after Phoenix Mountain. It is a semi-fermented tea, and it is also a premium oolong tea.

The tea leaves have a sturdy appearance, a straight, yellowish-brown color, oily and shiny; the brewing has a long-lasting fragrance, a strong and fresh taste, and the throat is sweetened, with a unique taste.

There are more than 80 strains of Phoenix Dan Cong tea, including those named after leaves, such as mountain eggplant leaf, pomelo leaf, bamboo leaf, etc.There are named after the fragrance, such as honey Mi Lan Xiang, Huang Zhi xiang, Zhi LAN xiang, osmanthus, Yulan xiang, cinnamon fragrance, etc.

What is the health benefits of Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea?

In recent years, many studies have shown that Phoenix Dancong tea is rich in amino acids, vitamins, tea polyphenols and alkaloids, among which tea polyphenols have a strong anti-radiation effect.

Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea has many effects, such as weight loss, beauty, hearing improvement, blood lipid reduction, anti-aging, etc.

How do you make Da Hong Pao Tea?

1.3g/150ml.3 grams tea for every 150 ml water

2.temperature about 95-100℃ (203-212℉)

3.infuse 1-2 minutes

4.steep 4-5 times


1.Storage:Store in airtight, opaque packaging; keep refrigerated
2.Shelf life: 24 months

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