Yixing Qing Shui Ni Clay Horizontal Teapot

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  • Capacity:155cc/5.2oz
  • Origin:Yixing,Jiangsu,China
  • Material:Qing Shui Ni
  • Weight:About 220g

What is Qing Shui Ni Clay Horizontal Teapot?

The Yixing clay horizontal teapot is little cute teapot and is made by using Qing Shui Ni clay. Qing shui ni if said in English should be clear water clay. It is prized for its looks. Qing shui ni clay is one of the most popular clays for Yixing Pots since the Qing Dynasty.The teapot soaked in hot water, straight and steady, not inclined or down, so named "horizontal pot."

How do you clean a clay teapot?

Hand wash only using hot water and gentle scrubbing without soap (Yixing clay absorbs aromas easily). Keep lid off until thoroughly dry. Do not microwave.

What is the design for the Qing Shui Ni Clay Horizontal Teapot?

The handle and spout of this yixing clay teapot and lid handle is designed with bamboo joint shape. In Chinese culture,bamboo symbolizes strength, acceptance of the natural flow and openness to wisdom in emptiness. It is a symbol of virtue.

How is it packaged?

Safely packed in a gift box with foam protection.The teapot has a secure rope, a link pot and lid to prevent the lid from falling off.

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