Flame Glazed Porcelain Teapot Set

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  • Capacity:245cc/8.2oz
  • Origin:Dehua,Fujian,China
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Package:Gift box

What is Flame Glazed Porcelain Teapot Set?

A starry sky image is decorated with the porcelain teapot, it is the effect of flame glaze. A Flambe glaze refers to the spectacular color and texture transformation of ceramic glazes during high firing in kiln, resulting from a chain of natural chemical process. One will no doubt be enchanted by the flamboyant colors and textures on Flambe Glaze ceramic wares. With the wonders created by nature and the artist hand, thus the saying goes “The monotone which goes into kiln, out with a myriad glams”.

What is the feature of the shape design?

Lid.Fusion of current technology, inlaid agate beads, beautiful and useable.

Spout.Round and upright shape, smooth and natural water.

Hand-knitted rope.Non-slip and non-burning, convenient and practical.

How to clean Flame Glazed Porcelain Teapot Set?

Hand wash only using hot water and gentle scrubbing without soap. Keep lid off until thoroughly dry. Do not microwave and dishwasher.

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