Jin Jun Mei Black Tea 1st Class

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Jin Jun Mei literally means Golden Beautiful Eyebrow, it is an extraordinary black tea made from only the buds of wild tea bushes grown at very high elevations in Wuyi Mountain area.

Jin Jun Mei Black Tea 1st Class 

Jin Jun Mei is a type of black tea made exclusively from tiny spring buds, and requires thousands and thousands of hand-picked golden buds to make a single pound of finished tea. The result is a downy tea with a thick full texture, and a beautiful elegance.

Tea Garden:

Jinjunmei black tea is from the ecological tea garden in the central original place in Tongmu village in the Wuyi Mountain region that at an altitude between 1000 and 1500 meters, good naturally environment makes this land especially suitable for tea cultivation.


The Jin Jun Mei tea is made from the early spring harvested tea buds. Jin jun mei tea 1st class with earlier harvet time than Jin jun mei tea 2nd class.  As a full fermented black tea, it is always suitable time to drink this Black Tea with honey sweet flavor, and give you different feeling.

Jin Jun Mei Tea Health Benefits:

Jin Jun Mei loose leaf tea is a great beauty tea as it can assist in your weight reduction program and beautify the skin. In addition it can nourish the stomach, strengthen the immune system.

Brewing Instruction:

To brew the Jin Jun Mei Tea, Yixing Clay Teapot or Porcelain Gaiwan is suggested as brewing tool.

Chinese Gongfu Way is recommended as below:

Serving Size: 3 grams tea

Water: 150ml in temperature around 90℃

5 Steeps: rinse, 15s, 15s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s

Rinse time is around 5 seconds


We provide zip-lock foil bag package for the Jin Jun Mei Tea, 100g is 1 100g-bag, 250g is 1 250g-bag, 500g is 1 500g-bag, and 1000g is 2 500g-bag. The higher weight you choose, the cheaper unit price will be

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