Why does your tea taste different from others'?

Why does your tea taste different from others'?

Making tea actually varies from person to person. Everyone has some habits more or less, and over time, it is easy to overlook some misunderstandings.Talk more about how to make tea and maybe your tea making skills will improve faster!

Someone always asks:

1.It's the same tea, but you can't get the same taste at home as in a tea shop.

2.There is a slight difference in the taste of the same batch of tea between the sample and the finished tea.

3.It's the same tea, why can't you make the last feeling.

Then let's discuss the possible reasons.

  1. Brewing method. You'd better search first.
  2. Water.Boil the water repeatedly and the tea is not as fragrant . Repeatedly heating the water will increase the iron and calcium in the water, which will interactwith the polyphenols and destroy the aroma of the tea leaves.
  3. Brewing temperature.According to the brewing temperature, tea can be divided into two types, one is boilingwater, and the other is to boil the water to cool it slightly. According to the tea you choose, choose the right temperature.
  4. Brewing time.The time for making tea depends on the tea leaves being brewed. Long or short time can affectthe taste of tea, and you can't feel the layering of tea.
  5. Tea and water ratios.Generally speaking, the ratio is 1:50, but everyone has a different tolerance for tea, so the amount of tea to be enjoyed dependson the individual.
  6. The tea set is used. The tea brewed from different utensils varies. Zisha clay teapots, covered bowls, glass cups, etc., you can try using different containers.
  7. Separation of tea leaves and water. Tea leaves steeped for a long time, the taste will become bitter. If the tea and water are not separated in time, the polyphenols and aromatic substancesin the tea will oxidize automatically, reducing the color, fragrance and taste of the soup. This method of brewing will make the tea taste bad, too bitter, losing the aroma of the tea itself and the sense of layering of the taste.
  8. Tea storing. Tea leaves easily absorb moisture and absorb odors. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the proper packing and storage. In addition to the demands for beautiful, convenient, hygienic and safety products, the packaging also needs to pay attention to moisture and odor pollution during storage to guarantee the quality of tea.

In fact, referring to the method of Kung fu tea, the tea making process is very exquisite. Beyond these reasons, there may be others. Drinking tea is an art. A cup of perfect tea is the fruit after endless tentative brewing.