What is Yunnan Dian hong Black Tea?

What is Yunnan Dian hong Black Tea?

Yunnan black tea is referred to as Dianhong, which belongs to the category of black tea. Produced in Lincang, Baoshan, Fengqing, Xishuangbanna, Dehong, and other places in southern and southwestern Yunnan Province. Each shape has its own specific specifications, heavy body and firm color, and the color of the soup is red and bright after brewing, the golden circle is prominent, the aroma is fresh, the taste is strong, and the stimulus is strong, and the leaf bottom is red and bright. The fresh tea leaves of the excellent Yunnan big-leaf tea plant are used to make finished tea after withering, twisting, or kneading and cutting, fermentation and baking.

Today, I will introduce the Yunnan Dianhong Black Tea Honey Aroma in the store.


Dianhong Black Tea Honey Aroma and milk

milk tea

Dianhong Black Tea Honey Aroma and fruit

 fruit black tea

Process: picking, withering, twisting, fermentation, drying (sunlight drying)

Sunlight drying retains some of the active substances in the tea, which can be transformed later and stored for a long time, just like Pu Erh tea, which has the characteristics of becoming more and more fragrant.

The freshly made black tea has some green astringency and the taste is not the best. After aging, the aroma and taste will be significantly improved, showing honey.

What are the benefits?

Black tea has the effect of nourishing the stomach and is also very suitable for drinking in autumn. After the fermentation of black tea, tea polyphenols will oxidize under the action of oxidase, the content of tea polyphenols in the body is reduced, and the stimulation to the stomach will also become smaller. The oxidized tea polyphenols in black tea can help the body digest.

In addition, black tea has the effect of preventing colds. Black tea has a strong antibacterial ability. Usually gargle with black tea can prevent the "invasion" of cold viruses, and can also prevent tooth decay!

Precautions for brewing

1, Water temperature, do not use just boiling water, general black tea we use 85 ~ 90 ° C water to brew, Dian Hong use the range of the lowest 85 ° C. The brewed tea has low bitterness and is more likely to show the characteristics of mellow sweetness.

2, Time, it is not recommended to long steeping, because it will indeed be astringent. General water steeping about 10 seconds to soup, not steeping too long. This should be combined with their own taste, taste heavy to increase the time, vary from person to person.

3.Tea and water ratio, according to your taste.

Storage notes

Avoid direct sunlight; store at low temperature, the temperature is not higher than 25 ℃; dry storage; sealed storage; finish drinking within the shelf life.