1. What is Tie Guan Yin Tea?

    Tie guan yin tea belongs to the Oolong tea category and is one of the top ten famous teas in China. It was produced in Anxi county, Fujian Province. Tieguanyin tea is a precious natural drink with beauty and health care functions. The taste of clean aroma is lighter, the tip of the tongue is slightly sweeter.

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  2. Jasmine Oolong Tea,Famous Taiwan Oolong Tea

    If life doesn't work out, why not have a cup of tea?

    A touch of jasmine fragrance, drink a sip of oolong tea, refreshed, and forget about troubles.

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  3. What kind of tea is suitable for autumn?(Part one)

    In the autumn, the weather is changing. Not only when the temperature is cold, but also when the air is dry, the dry air is easy to hurt the lungs, which can cause dry mouth, dry cough, and even skin allergies, respiratory allergies, colds and other symptoms. So what kind of tea is best for drinking in the fall?

    Because oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea between black tea (mild) and green tea (cool). At this time, drink a cup of black tea that is neither cold nor hot, and it can not only remove the heat accumulated in the summer body, but also moisturize, throat, restore the body fluid, and adapt the body to natural conditions. It is the best drink in the fall.

    The most representative of oolong tea

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