1. What is Yunnan Dian hong Black Tea?

    Yunnan dian hong black tea is a premium Yunnan tea harvested at an altitude above 1,000 metres.The tea fresh leaves plucked from the Fengqing large-leaf tea trees.The taste of yunan tea is rich,strong,fresh and no astringency,the tea works well alone,you can also add milk and sugar to enjoy a perfect afternoon tea.

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  2. Laoshan Black Tea, A Rare Sea Coast Black tea

    Laoshan black tea is a kind of tea produced in high mountains, which is fermented by laoshan spring tea. The the dry leaf of laoshan balck tea is small, spindly and has a brown-black shiny look to it. The taste of Laoshan black tea is amazingly sweet with hint of caramel aroma.


    Laoshan black tea has not a long history, its grown environment is the most north part in China for growing tea. In the winter of 1957, the garden management office of Qingdao city began the experiment of tea seedling transplantation. Once it was only the development of Laoshan Green Tea. After the year 2000, Laoshan Black Tea began its production, the unique aroma and flavor made it become popular soon in China.

    Laoshan Black Tea Benefits:

    Laoshan black tea comes from ecological tea garden of Laoshan Mountain area in Qingdao, Shandong Province. Its ecological grown environment gives

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