Tea Beginner’s Guide

Tea Beginner’s Guide

Could you recommend a good oolong tea for like getting in?Can you tell me a green tea for tea gift?

Tea beginners often ask such questions, they do not know how to choose tea.Today we will talk about how tea beginners should choose the tea that suits them.

For tea beginners, should they pursue the good tea in each tea category, or should they start with ordinary tea leaves?

Here are three main points of view. They all have their own reasons to support them.Which one do you agree with more?

Viewpoint 1: Start drinking with good tea. The reasons are as follows:

(1) It can establish an overall impression of "how a certain variety is considered good".

Start with the good tea. If you drink too much, the bad tea will be recognized immediately.It takes a process.Drink the benchmark tea in each category, and then you can compare the same kind of tea. It is better than this one, which can be called a good tea.Less than this tea, just so-so;If it's a lot worse, it won't bear the entrance.

(2) Drinking good tea makes it easier for tea lovers who just started to enjoy tea.

Good tea can make you have fun while drinking, and make you have the desire to continue to explore tea. Ordinary tea is not necessarily, let alone poor tea, you may give up tea after a sip.

Especially for Xiaobai, who knows nothing about tea, at least you have to drink from the main level of a certain tea, to make you realize the "good" of this variety, and let you have a specific "fun" when drinking.

You may ask, good tea must be expensive, right? What I want to emphasize here is that good refers to choosing expensive tea in the range of one's own tolerance, rather than blindly pursuing tens of thousands of tea.

Viewpoint 2: Start drinking from the average. The reasons are as follows:

(1) Without the basis of tasting, you cannot taste the value of some teas.

There are some teas that no one can guide you, and you may not be able to drink it. It is better to start drinking steadily. Note that the "general" here does not mean inferior tea.

Start drinking in general, such as Pu'er. We often say "Pu'er on the top of the mountain", which means that the quality of Pu'er is closely related to the top of the mountain. In the Pu'er world, we often say that "Banzhang is the king and Yiwu is the queen." It’s a top-quality product, but this is risky. The prices of these two types are not low. It would be a pity to drink without a basis for drinking.

(2)Generally from ordinary tea to good tea, you can experience the difference of different qualities.

Drinking tea from ordinary to good is a step-by-step process, which can taste the progressive quality differences.

In addition, after drinking a tea, you should stop and drink a cup of boiled water to let your taste buds clear the previous taste, so that the tea leaves you soak will not be mixed with the previous tea taste, and its quality will be complete reflected!

Viewpoint 3: There is no such thing as quality. The reasons are as follows:

(1) Do not consider product quality, but start from the original resources in life.

Normally, you drink whatever tea you encounter. Finally, no matter what tea you drink, you have to admit that you can only drink the tea you bought.

(2) Don’t care about the quality of the product, the important thing is whether there is a good tea friend to accompany you to get started.

Which view do you hold?

The most important thing about drinking tea is to make yourself feel happy and relaxed, no matter it is expensive tea or ordinary tea.

Drinking tea should be the taste you like, first choose the taste and then choose the tea. Green tea and white tea are the main ones that like the fragrance type,such as longjing and biluochu. Black tea is the choice if you like the rich fragrance,such as Lapsang Souchong and Dianhong black tea. If you want a little digestive effect, you can choose oolong tea and Pu'erh ripe tea.If you want a more gentle tea, you can buy white tea and aged raw Pu'er tea. In short, "Tea has no superior quality, the taste is precious."

Daily tea drinking depends on the specific scene, such as in the office, the space is small, there is not a block of time to make tea, tea mug or glass cup is a good choice.The core of making a good cup of tea is to control the separation time between tea and water. If you have time to sit down and make a good cup of tea, a teapot or Gaiwan can be used to make all kinds of tea.

The so-called good is difficult to judge. Find a friend who knows how to drink tea together, or you can consult me ([email protected]), so that tea beginners can avoid detours.