1. What is Yunnan Dian hong Black Tea?

    Yunnan dian hong black tea is a premium Yunnan tea harvested at an altitude above 1,000 metres.The tea fresh leaves plucked from the Fengqing large-leaf tea trees.The taste of yunan tea is rich,strong,fresh and no astringency,the tea works well alone,you can also add milk and sugar to enjoy a perfect afternoon tea.

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  2. Why does your tea taste different from others'?

    Why is the same tea, the same tea set, the same water, the tea you brewed is not as good as others?

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  3. How to make Jasmine green tea?

    Relaxed, calm and energic. Jasmine green tea with jasmine flowers is a rich source of natural polyphenol and less caffeine, a combination which provides a long-lasting energy and let you feel relaxed and calm.

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