How to make Jasmine green tea?

How to make Jasmine green tea?

Jasmine green tea is made from a combination of jasmine flowers and green tea. With much less caffeine than coffee, green tea boosts energy but doesn't create jitters. Jasmine green teas are jasmine dragon pearls, snail(Yuluo) jasmine, jasmine bai hao, jasmine tea.

Tasting jasmine green tea 

How a jasmine tea tastes can depend on many factors, including what tea base is used (green, white, or black), where both the tea leaves and jasmine blossoms were grown, what kind of process was used to scent the tea (traditional or commercial), and how the final cup of tea was brewed. Yet there are some common traits used to describe the overall flavor profile of jasmine tea, including floral, sweet, perfumed, fresh, blossomed, dewy, bouquet, fragrant, delicate, and subtle.

If you’ve never experienced this fragrant, energizing tea, it might be time to give it a try. There’s a reason why Jasmine has been used to scent tea and remains a passionate favorite to this day.

Tea recipe

Hot Brew

1.Choose a glass tea set because the transparency of the glass can enjoy the dancing of tea leaves.

2.3g/150ml.3 grams tea for every 150 ml water, temperature about 80℃ (176℉).

3.Brew for 3-5 minutes. During the period, you can admire the perfect bloom of tea leaves and smell the refreshing jasmine fragrance.

4.Separate tea leaves and soup. You can add some honey. The taste is more fresh and sweet.

5.A cup of jasmine tea with a quiet fragrance, a sweet and lasting aftertaste, fragrance but not floating, fresh but not muddy jasmine tea is ready.

Cold Brew Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine green tea:50g

Hot water:1700cc, temperature about 80℃ (176℉)

Ice cube:800g

1.Pour hot water into a cup with tea leaves

2.Make sure the tea leaves are completely steeped in water. Time for 7 minutes. Without lid.

3.Strain the tea leaves, pour the tea soup into a container with 800g ice cubes, stir to melt.

4.A cup of iced jasmine green tea is just fine. You can also honey or fruit.

Health Benefits of Jasmine Green Tea

1.promoting the secretion of saliva and quenching thirst. It helps to moisten the throat and remove heat and toxins from the body.

2.Usually drinking regularly can play a role in reducing phlegm and cough.

3.Green tea jasmine has a certain protective effect on the human heart. It can increase the activity of human heart muscle cells, and can also promote blood circulation and accelerate blood flow.

4.improve liver health and brighten the eyes.

Recipes of Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine green tea+lemon

Jasmine green tea+ dried-fruit

Jasmine green tea+ice

Jasmine green tea + what you want......

Admittedly, not everyone appreciates the rich, floral aroma and flavor notes. Tea aficionados typically love it or feel the opposite.

However, if you haven’t experienced jasmine tea yet, it’s worth a try – you just might discover your new favorite. Welcome to oriarm tea shop.