How to Clean  Zisha Teapots?

How to Clean Zisha Teapots?

Can I use a cleaning solution to clean the teapot? Can I put it in the dishwasher?

How do I clean the oil and dirt from the teapot?

These questions are often asked by potters, so let's discuss them together today.

The cleaning of Zisha teapots is also very delicate, you can not blindly "hard work", master the method to better maintain the teapot.

First of all, observe whether the surface of the pot has been oiled, waxed, or other dirt, if so, you need to clean it in time. If there is any oil or wax on the surface of the pot, it is necessary to clean it in time. At the same time, the use of alabaster pots does not pay attention to cleaning, over time, the pot will deposit some tea scale, the surface will have oil and other filth. This affects both the beauty and the hygiene of the pot, which in turn affects our health. Moreover, if time is long it will be more difficult to clean.

Regarding the cleaning and care of Zisha teapots.

First, do not stain with oil If there is an oil stain on it, it needs to be cleaned up immediately, otherwise, the oil stain will be easily immersed in the purple sand, and it will leave oil marks on the clay tires, which is very detrimental to the permeability of the purple sand and the absorption of water. At the same time, the oil stains on the surface of the pot, affecting its beauty.

Second, pay attention to the cleaning before using the pot

Pay attention to the cleaning of the pot before each use, mainly to clean the oil and stains on it, which can make the advantages of the purple clay teapot more prominent and more hygienic.

Third, like a beautiful woman, a Zisha pot also needs frequent hydration

The hydration of Zisha pot is certainly not carried out through the mask, but only by using it to make tea. If you use it often to make tea, the tea water will seep into the soil and the surface of the pot will have a warm and jade-like luster in the long run.

Fourth, the right amount of brushing and wiping at the right time

If you use it for a period of time, there will be a tea scale inside the purple clay teapot. Generally, we use a small brush with soft bristles dipped in warm water to gently scrub, then rinse with warm water, and use a clean cloth to gently wipe dry afterward. Of course, you should pay attention to the proper cleaning, if excessive may cause damage to the pot body.

Fifth, after each use, to pay attention to cleaning and drying

Usually, after using a Zisha pot to make tea, you need to clean the tea residue inside the pot in time. If it takes a long time, it will be difficult to clean. At the same time, it may also produce odor. So after using, pay attention to cleaning and drying.

After drinking tea, the Zisha pot should pay special attention to the following points.

1、After use, the Zisha pot must be kept dry inside the pot, do not accumulate moisture.

2、Place it in an airy place, not in a stuffy dry place, and not for precious, thickly wrapped, or sealed.

3、It is best to put the lid on its side after use, do not often seal the lid of the pot.

4, do not often dip the teapot inside the water, should be to make tea when the water.

5、Do not put it near a place with a lot of oil or dust.

6、It is best to have several good Zisha pots, and use only one designated pot when drinking a certain kind of tea;

7、Different pots, should be added to identify to avoid confusion.

8、Do not use detergent or any chemical agent to soak and wash the Zisha teapot.