2024 Chinese Longjing Green Tea Pre-QingMing 1st Grade

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  • Another name: Dragon well Tea or Lung Ching
  • Harvest time: on March 18-20,2024
  • Origin: Zhejiang Province, China
  • Taste: Floral, Nutty, Smooth
  • Grade: Pre-Qingming 1st Grade

This year's Ming Qian Long Jing is now available, so come and try it! If you have a friend who is a gongfu tea lover or is just starting to drink tea, then please recommend dragon well tea to him.

What is Longjing Green Tea?

Longjing Tea is one of China’s ten most famous and well-loved teas, is also thought of as the king tea of green tea. Longjing tea is world-famous for its high quality, its unique flat-leaf shape, and bean-like flavor.

What does Pre-Qingming tea mean?

Pre-Qingming tea is picked before the Ching Ming(Qing Ming) Festival. Also known as Mingqian tea. It is an early spring green tea with fresh and tender leaves. Excellent taste.

What are the health benefits of Longjing green tea?

Long Jing Tea can aid in passive fat burning and weight loss, it is also known to lower blood pressure and help the body keep cholesterol levels under control. Rich in a variety of substances, Good for your health and beauty.

How to brew Longjing Tea?

1.3g/150ml.3 grams tea for every 150 ml of water
2. temperature about 80℃ (176℉)
3.infuse 1-2 minutes
4. steep 2-3 times is best

The brewing time and temperature may vary depending on personal preference and the type of Longjing tea you are using. It is recommended to start with a shorter brewing time and gradually increase it to find the perfect balance for your taste.


1. Storage: Store in airtight, opaque packaging; keep refrigerated
2. Shelf life:18 months
3. Caffeine: low caffeine

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