Honeysuckle(Jin Yin Hua)Flower Herbal Tea

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  • Another name: Lonicerae
  • Ingredients:Honeysuckle flowers
  • Origin:Fengqiu,Henan,China
  • Harvest time:In Autumn
  • Taste:Sweet, Mellow and Delicious

What is honeysuckle tea?

Honeysuckle or Lonicera in Chinese is called jin yin hua (gold and silver flower). It is famous for both medicine and food that enjoys good fame in China. It with Medicinal taste with a slight hint of vanilla flavor. Blends well with Chrysanthemum flowers for added sweetness.

What does honeysuckle tea taste like?

Honeysuckle tea has a bright yellow-green soup and a sweet, mellow taste. Honeysuckle tea has a slightly sweet and bitter taste when brewed, or you can add honey or sugar to honeysuckle tea to ease the taste.

What are the benefits of honeysuckle tea?

1.Bactericidal action. Jin Yin Hua has bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects, inhibition of the influenza virus.

2.Dispersing heat and dispersing pathogenic factors. At the beginning of the heat or disease, fever, headache, upset less sleep, Shenhun crimson tongue throat Kouzao has a certain effect.

3.Antidiarrheal effect. The heat dysentery, diarrhea, pus, and blood wet throat, sore throat, and other resistance have the antidiarrheal effect of Liangxue Jiedu liyan.

4.Anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects. There is a strong dispersion of swelling, abscesses, intestinal carbuncle, heat-clearing, and detoxifying effect.

How do you make honeysuckle tea?

1.3-5g/150ml.3 grams tea for every 150 ml water

2.temperature about 90℃ (194℉)

3.infuse 2-3minutes

4.It would be nice to put some ice in it, a delicious iced honeysuckle tea.


1.Storage:Store in airtight, opaque packaging; keep refrigerated
2.Shelf life:18 months

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