Have you ever had honeysuckle tea?

Have you ever had honeysuckle tea?

Honeysuckle or Lonicera in Chinese is called as jin yin hua (gold and silver flower).It is famous for both medicine and food that enjoys good fame in China. It with Medicinal taste with a light hint of vanilla flavor. Blends well with Chrysanthemum flowers for added sweetness.

Honeysuckle tea belongs to the category of herbal tea.

Brewing Guide

Pick the 4-6g honeysuckle tea into the cup, brew it with boiling water for 3-5 minutes then drink , every cup of tea can be repeated brew until diluted.Or it can be made into iced tea.It's a simple recipe, made similarly to traditional iced tea, but with Honeysuckle flowers instead.

Questions You May Have

What is honeysuckle tea good for?

Anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects.

Antidiarrheal effect.

Dispersing heat and dispersing pathogenic factors.

Bactericidal action.

What does honeysuckle tea taste like?

The fragrance is pure and meaningful, the soup is yellow-green and bright, and the taste is delicious and sweet.Honeysuckle Iced Tea is the perfect refreshing drink to cool off on a hot day. The sweet taste of childhood

Does honeysuckle tea have caffeine?

Honeysuckle flower tea does not have any caffeine in it. It is an herbal infusion and therefore doesn't have the caffeine that a black tea or a green tea would have.