2024 Dongting Bi Luo Chun Green Tea Mingqian 3rd Grade

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  • Another name: Pi Lo Chun or Green Snail Spring
  • Harvest Time: In 16-20 March 2024
  • Origin:Suzhou,Jiangsu,China
  • Plucking Standard: One bud, one leaf
  • Taste: Refreshing, Soft, and Warming.
  • Grade: Mingqian 3rd Grade

What is Dongting Bi Luo Chun  Green Tea?

Bi Luo Chun is a Green Tea that is also one of the 10 Chinese famous teas. Dongting Bi luo chun Green Tea is renowned for its strong fruity aroma and mellow flavor, that because for hundreds of years the tea plants mixed in among a variety of fragrant fruit trees to give the tea its natural fruity aroma and taste. The name Bi Luo Chun literally means "green snail spring". It is called so because it is a green tea that is rolled into a tight spiral, resembling snail meat, and is cropped in early spring.

What do Yuqian and Mingqian mean? What's the difference between different grades?

Yuqian means before Gu Yu, which is one of 24 solar terms in China, each year around April 19. While Mingqian means before Qing Ming, also one of 24 solar terms in China, each year around April 5.

The Grade is the same kind Tea comparison. The tea of higher grade with earlier harvest time and more tender leaves are used.

What are the benefits of Bi Luo Chun Green tea?

Besides the perfect taste, Bi Luo Chun Green Tea has many health benefits for people of all ages, it can help to remove tiredness, refresh the brain and burn fat. The huge number of benefits makes Chinese green tea a real gift from nature for everyone, without exceptions or negative side effects.

How to brew Bi Luo Chun Tea?

1.3g/150ml.3 grams tea for every 150 ml water

2.temperature about 80℃ (176℉)

3.infuse 1-2 minutes

4.steep 2-3 times is best


1.Storage:Store in airtight, opaque packaging; keep refrigerated
2.Shelf life:18 months


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