Yunnan Aged Ripe Pu erh Tea Lao Cha Tou

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  • Origin:Menghai,Yunnan,China
  • Harvest time: In Spring,2010
  • Type: Ripe Puerh tea

What is Lao Cha Tou?

Lao Cha Tou which roughly translated as Old Tea Nugget is a type of shu puer tea. Lao cha tou are found at the bottom of the fermentation piles as a result of heat and high compression during the fermentation process. They form little nugget shapes from it. the ripe Puerh tea we show you are old tea tree tea from Bulang tea mountain, Menghai, Yunnan province.

How to make Lao Cha Tou Tea?

Brewing instruction:

1.5g/250ml.5grams tea for every 250 ml water

2.temperature about 95-100℃ (203-212℉)

3.First time brewing no need too much water, stay 5 seconds or so and pour the water away, this called as wake the tea cup. From the 2nd brewing pour water stay for 10-30 seconds according to your own taste light or strong to get the tea soup, it can be brewed for more than 8 times.

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Weight 0.500000
Tea Type Pu erh tea
Form Loose Leaf Tea
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