1. Shou Mei Tea, A Wonderful White Tea

    Shou mei tea is a type of white tea which produced in the Fuding county in the Fujian province in China, shou Mei literally means Long Noble Life Eyebrow, due to its thin and crescent-shaped leaves that resemble eyebrows, hence its name. Shou Mei tea is a Chinese white tea characterized by its fragrant, sweet and bold flavor.

    With a combination of tea buds and crescent-shape tea leaves, shou mei tea contains fewer leaf tips than other white teas, but with greater strength. Shou mei tea is a good choice for tea lovers who want a stronger taste of white tea.

    Tea Garden

    Shou mei tea is from the ecological tea garden in Taimu Mountain area in Fuding, Fujian Province, at an elevation of between 600 and 900 meters, this area is 80% covered by natural forests. The weather here is warm and humid with abundant rainfall, and the tea plantation itself is always surrounded by a thin fog, which together create the perfect conditions for tea bushes to

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  2. Five Questions About White Peony Tea

    Bai Mudan, belongs to the white tea,is mainly produced in Fujian, China. Bai Mudan has the effect of antipyretic and heat-reducing, and is a good drink. The light yellow soup with fresh aroma. Give you a refresh day!

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  3. Gaba Oolong Tea, A Combination of Oolong Tea and Black Tea

    The appearance of the gaba oolong is hemispherical in color and dark red with luster. The tea soup is amber orange red, bright and clear. The tea is thick and has a ripe fruit aroma, mellow and smooth, full of activity. It is the best choice for cold tea.

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