Five Questions About White Peony Tea

Five Questions About White Peony Tea

White peony tea is a type of white tea which is also known as Bai Mu Dan or Pai Mu Tan, which basically means “white peony” in Chinese. White peony tea is made from a single bud and two leaves, which gently unfold in your tea pot, resembling the petals of a peony blossom, hence its name.

Grades of White Peony Tea:

In China, the highest grades of White Peony Tea offer you leaves covered with a fine, silvery white down, a sweet taste and a light color. The grades of Oriarm white peony tea is Yuqian 3rd grade < Yuqian 2nd grade < Yuqian 1st grade < Mingqian Bai Mu Dan Wang (king grade)

Tea Garden:

White peony tea is from the ecological tea garden in Taimu Mountain area in Fuding, Fujian Province, at an elevation of between 600 and 900 meters, this area is 80% covered by natural forests. The weather here is warm and humid with abundant rainfall, and the tea plantation itself is always surrounded by a thin fog, which together create the perfect conditions for tea bushes to accumulate a wide array of microminerals and other organic nutrients

Tea picking and production process

The traditional picking standard is that the first shoots of spring tea are harvested with two buds, the length of the buds and the two leaves are basically equal, and the "three whites" are required, that is, the buds and the two leaves are covered with white hairs.3. The picking period is spring, summer and autumn. The picking standard is mainly spring tea, generally one bud and two leaves, and requires “three whites”, that is, buds, one leaf and two leaves all require white hair.

The production of white peony is not fired, only two processes of withering and baking, but the process is not easy to master.1. Withering is better for the quality of indoor withering. The bud leaves are evenly spread on the water sieve so as not to overlap. When the water is withered and lost to 70% dry, the two sieves are sieved. When it is 80% dry, the two sieves are sieved and the mixture is withered to 95%. After drying, the sieve is placed in a drying cage and baked at a temperature of 90-100 ° C, which is a crudely tea 2, the refining process is relatively simple, hand-picked stems, tablets, wax leaves, redleaf, darkleaf, low temperature toasting, hot - packing. Baking heat should be appropriate, too high aroma is not fresh, and the lack of fragrance is dull.3, the key to the production process is withering, to be flexible according to the climate, to take the indoor natural withering or double withering in the spring and autumn sunny days or the summer is not hot and sunny.4. When refining, it is better to use the scent of fire to set off the scent of tea, keep the scent and the taste of the soup is fresh. When the moisture content is 4 to 5%, pack it with hotness.

White Peony Tea Benefits:

White peony tea has the effect of antipyretic and heat-reducing, and is a good summer drink. It’s refreshing.The tea is rich in amino acids, tea polyphenols, minerals, multivitamins, and trace elements such as zinc and selenium. It has the effect of  quenching thirst, clearing the liver and improving eyesight, refreshing and calming, reducing blood pressure. Tooth, detoxification and diuretic, in addition to greasy accumulation, weight loss beauty, beauty and longevity, prevention and treatment of influenza, radiation protection, anti-cancer and anti-cancer, etc., is recognized as the safest and most nutritious green health drink.

White peony tea has great health benefits. It is white tea type, so there is a small amount of caffeine present in Bai Mudan, making it a popular substitute for people who want to eliminate coffee from their diet.

Being one of the least processed teas, it means that white peony tea contains a high amount of polyphenols making it a great ally to fight viruses, bacteria and other agents that may harm you.

White peony tea contains a high level of antioxidants, which naturally help strengthen your immune system.

White peony tea helps both to lower your blood pressure as well as reduce bad cholesterol levels.

The stimulating action of white peony tea will not only keep your mind alert, but it also stimulates your metabolism.

How to brew White Peony Tea:

Use a porcelain gaiwan or a glass teapot to brew white peony tea

Brew in Chinese Gongfu Method:

Serving Size: 3g

Water: 150ml with temperature of around 85℃

5 steeps: rinse, 25s, 45s, 70s, 90s, 150s

Rinse time is around 5 seconds.