Chrysanthemum Buds Tea, A Perfect Cooling and Healing Beverage

Chrysanthemum Buds Tea, A Perfect Cooling and Healing Beverage

The unopened buds of Hangbai chrysanthemum are called Taiju. The authentic dried flowers are neat in shape, the petals are restrained and curled, the color is golden, and the nectar is sweet and rich.

After all the flower buds are open, Hangbai chrysanthemum is picked. The drinking effect is not much different. Because the Taiju is picked without all the flowers open, it is cleaner and the petals are more complete.

Taiju chrysanthemum is the top grade in Hangbai chrysanthemum. It is a kind of excellent chrysanthemum tea with a pure taste and is loved by everyone. The chrysanthemum tea made with fetal chrysanthemum is pure, strong, golden in color, and contains the fragrance of nectar, and it will not disperse after being soaked for a long time. Fetus chrysanthemum can effectively reduce the damage to the human body caused by computer radiation, especially the damage to the eyes. It is refreshing and moisturizing by adding a proper amount of medlar, mulberry leaves, and other mixed drinks.

Chrysanthemum buds tea or chrysanthemum flower tea buds is a type of floral herbal tea made by using young chrysanthemum flowers. Chrysanthemum flower buds are also known as Tai Ju, while Hangzhou White Chrysanthemum is the name of the fully-bloomed flower because Chrysanthemum buds tea is picked from young buds, that it usually harvested around the end of October, it is cleaner and the petals are more complete.

Chrysanthemum Buds Tea Benefits:

Chrysanthemum buds tea is a caffeine-free tea, so you can drink it every time you like not worry about sleep.

Chrysanthemum buds tea is full of vitamins, with especially high levels of vitamin A, the B spectrum, and C. Drink chrysanthemum buds tea helps boost your immune system and keeps you functioning in tip-top health.

Chrysanthemum buds tea is also a good cooling tea. The tea has a natural cooling effect that reduces heat and the associated inflammation that can damage your body.

Chrysanthemum buds tea has a great healing effect. Chrysanthemum buds tea will be a gentle way to detox the liver and kidneys by cooling down any excess heat. This helps balances the body’s energy and promotes good all-over health.

Chrysanthemum buds tea also helps with dry eyes and itchiness—and anecdotal evidence suggests that it may clear floaters in your vision.

How to Brew Chrysanthemum Buds Tea:

It is suggested to use a porcelain Gaiwan or glass teapot to brew rose buds tea

Serving Size: 3g

Water: 150ml with temperature around 100℃

4 steeps: 2mins, 3mins, 4mins, 5mins.

You can improve the taste by changing the amount or adding rock candy, milk, and honey according to your personal preference. You can also drink it matched with some dried goji or green tea, black tea.