Rose Buds Tea, A Good Skin Care Tea

Rose Buds Tea, A Good Skin Care Tea

Rose buds tea or rose flower tea buds is a type of herbal tea made from rose flower buds. Oriarm rose buds tea have two types, one is from Pingying, Shandong Province, called pingying rose buds tea, the other is from Lijiang, Yunnan province called golden edge rose buds tea or yunnan rose tea buds .

Tea Garden:

Pingying rose buds tea is from the ecological tea garden located in Yudai river basin, in Pingyin county, Ji’nan, Shandong province. This area is surrounded by mountains, and there is narrow and long valley in the middle with a moderate climate. Pingyin county is called the township of rose. It has a long history of cultivation, and is famous for its big petals, thick color, rich fragrance and excellent quality.

Irrigated by icy snow water in the Yulong Snow Mountain in Lijiang, golden edge rose buds tea has a great grown environment. The natural irrigation of glacial snow water and clean and fresh natural climate have created a beautiful legend of green ecology and first-class quality.

Rose Buds Tea Benefits:

Rose buds tea is a fragrant and fruity beverage that is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making it an ideal drink whenever your body needs a boost. Rose buds tea is a good skin tea, it is rich in nutrients, which can make you beautiful, it also reduces the effects of ageing and promotes a clear and healthy skin.

How to Brew Rose Buds Tea:

It is suggested to use a porcelain gaiwan or glass teapot to brew rose buds tea

Serving Size: 3g

Water: 150ml with temperature around 90℃

4 steeps: 2mins, 3mins, 4mins, 5mins.

You can improve the taste by changing the amount or adding rock candy, milk, and honey according to your personal preference.