How to brew tea to make you happy with your tea?

How to brew tea to make you happy with your tea?

Even if it is the same type of tea, different tea varieties will have different brewing methods. It is actually difficult to find the best one. Moreover, everyone has their own taste. The brewing method that suits you may not be suitable for others. If you want to say the best, my advice is to slowly find out the best brewing method according to your own taste. This The brewed method is best for you. Of course, each type of tea must have a relatively high-quality brewing method. Let's take a look at the relatively best brewing methods for several types of tea.

Green tea

Green tea is a non-fermented tea, which retains the most natural substances in fresh leaves, and is characterized by its delicate and delicious fragrance. The higher the quality of green tea, the more tender the tea buds and the clear green tea soup, which has excellent ornamental value. Therefore, when brewing green tea, it is best to choose a transparent teacup (pot) or white porcelain tea set to reflect the green water and clear waves of the green tea soup; the water temperature should not be too high, and 80 degrees is a more suitable water temperature, so that the tea soup The chlorophyll in it will not be destroyed, and the vitamin C contained in it can also be better preserved. Green tea is best brewed and drunk. If it takes too long, the aroma will be greatly lost and the taste will gradually become bitter.

Black tea

Black tea is a fully fermented tea, rich in fruity aroma and honey. It is best to make black tea with a tureen or a purple clay pot. The water needs boiling water. Keep the tea brewing time between 3-5 minutes.

Oolong tea

Oolong tea is semi-fermented tea, sweet and refreshing, and has a floral and honey fragrance, which is very popular among tea consumers. When brewing oolong tea, it is best to choose a Zisha clay teapot or a special Gaiwan. The tea should be sufficient, accounting for half of the tea set used. The water temperature must be above 95 degrees. The first water needs to be discarded. A good oolong can be brewed 6-7 times. The time for each brewing changes from short to long, but the longest should not exceed five minutes.

White tea

White tea is also a lightly fermented tea, so it is more appropriate to control the water temperature at about 90-95 degrees. The first brewing time is relatively long, it takes about 5 minutes, and the second brewing is three minutes.

Puerh  tea

Puerh tea is a post-fermented tea, which is more fragrant as it ages. For this kind of old tea, you must use boiled water, the first bubble will be poured out after 10-20 seconds, and then add boiling water and soak for 2-3 minutes before drinking. As for the choice of tea sets, it is best to use professional tea sets, such as purple clay pots and tureen Gaiwan.

This is just a suggestion. You need to try several times to make the tea that suits you. Tea is your good partner.