Does Pu erh tea help lose weight?

Does Pu erh tea help lose weight?

What is pu erh tea?

Pu erh tea is mainly produced in Xishuangbanna, Lincang, Pu'er and other regions in Yunnan Province. Pu erh tea pays attention to brewing skills and drinking art, and its drinking methods are rich, and it can be drunk cleanly or mixed.Tea soup is rich in orange and yellow, the aroma is sharp and long-lasting, the fragrance is unique, pu erh tea taste is strong, and it is durable and resistant to foaming. According to its processing technology and quality characteristics, Pu erh tea is divided into two types: Pu erh tea (raw tea) and Pu erh tea (ripe tea).The process of making ripe tea is to artificially sprinkle sun-dried green tea into piles to ferment mature loose tea. The other processes are the same as raw tea.

"Assam" is a literal Chinese translation of the Latin name "assamica" and does not mean that the origin of the species is Assam, India. In 1981, Professor Zhang Hongda put var. The Chinese name of assamica was changed to "Pu'er tea", which was accepted by Chinese academic circles. However, in areas outside of mainland China, the Chinese name "Assam" is still used for this species. In academic exchanges, the Latin name is commonly used.

Why does Puerh tea help lose weight?

According to research data, due to the great fermentation process during the production of Pu erh tea, the koji bacteria contained in the enzyme contains a small amount of lipolytic enzymes, which has a significant effect on lipolysis. Therefore, Pu erh tea can suppress body weight and reduce blood cholesterol and triglycerides. In particular, it has a significant effect on absorbing the fat around the abdominal internal organs.

Chemical effects

Pu erh tea is rich in tea polyphenols, catechins, caffeine, chlorophyll, vitamin C and other substances. Among them, tea polyphenols are mainly used to relieve greasiness, and chlorophyll can hinder the digestion and absorption of cholesterol, and it can promote cholesterol excretion. Vitamin C, long-term drinking Pu erh tea can lose weight.

Physical effects

Pu erh tea can promote the relaxation of the intestinal wall, and its effect is to shorten the time that chyme stays in the intestine, help block the absorption of food nutrients, and reduce calorie accumulation.

Pu'er tea is just an ordinary drink. If you want to rely solely on it to lose weight, you may really think too much. Weight loss is related to many factors and requires scientific weight loss.

How to brew pu erh tea ?

When you first drank it, you felt a bit like Chinese medicine, and very uncomfortable. After drinking it a few times, you found its unique charm, which is sweet, smooth, mellow, thick, smooth, soft, licking, clean, bright and thick. Not like the astringency of green tea, not like the bitterness of black tea, there is an unexpected warmth, and the aftertaste is endless.

Generally speaking, to brew Pu erh tea, it is best to choose a Zisha clay teapot or a Gaiwan. The heat preservation and air permeability of the purple clay pot are better, and the tea will not lose the taste, and the taste of Pu erh tea can be fully displayed. The amount of tea poured, the brewing time, and the number of brewing will affect the taste of the tea.

After putting the tea leaves in the teapot, pour the boiled water into the teapot or tea bowl and soak for 1 minute. Pour out the water, and then brew it with boiling water again.

Does pu erh tea have caffeine?

Yes, of course.But the amount of caffeine in pu erh tea is very small,lower than green tea and black tea.

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