What is Lu An Gua Pian Tea?

What is Lu An Gua Pian Tea?

Lu An Gua Pian, or called Lu'an Melon Seed Tea, the name is derived from the shape of the processed tea leaves, which are flat and oval and resemble a melon seed. It is one of the best Green teas, comes from Lu An County in An Hui, China. Lu An Gua Pian has the highest nutritional level among all green tea. The most careful picking and processing make the elegant fragrance, bright soup, and mellow taste.

Lu An Gua Pian is a bit unique among green teas. Unlike most green teas which use the new buds in making tea, Lu'an Melon Seed Tea uses the second leaf on the branch, the tea leaves are left to mature on the bush longer, allowing it to develop a more complex flavor and nutritional profile.

It is one of the top ten Chinese famous teas. Its high quality and refreshing taste make it win the China Tea Award in 1982 and China Food and Drink Award in 1988.

The historical origin of Lu An Gua Pian

Lu An Gua Pian has a long history and it can date back to the Tang Dynasty. It was first recorded in The Classic of Tea, which was the first book about general tea knowledge. The records describing it as a "Superior Tea". In the Ming dynasty, it was widely used to prevent sunstroke by the Chinese and was described as a top-grade tea in Agriculture Encyclopedia, written by a well-known scientist Xu Guanqi. It was also a type of gong cha (tribute tea) to the imperial family in the Qing Dynasty.

What are the benefits of Lu An Gua Pian tea?

1.Anti-aging. Antioxidants in Lu An Gua Pian help resist aging. If excessively oxidized during the process of metabolism, it will lead to amounts of free radicals and easy to aging and make cells get hurt. SOD is a cleanser of free radicals. Catechin in Lu An Gua Pian can significantly enhance the activity of SOD, removing free radicals.

2.Anti-bacteria. Catechin in Lu An Gua Pian has an inhibitory effect on some bacteria that cause human diseases, and does not harm the reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the intestine.

3.Lower blood fat. Catechin in Lu An Gua Pian can lower total cholesterol, free cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol(bad cholesterol), and increase high-density lipoprotein cholesterol(good cholesterol). The experience on people showed it has the effect of inhibiting platelet aggregation and lowering the incidence rate of arteriosclerosis. Lu An Gua Pian contains flavonols, which has an antioxidant effect, so it also can prevent blood clots and platelets coalesce, lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

4.Weight loss. Lu An Gua Pian contains theophylline and caffeine, which can reduce the accumulation of fat cells, thus achieving the effect of weight loss.

5.Prevent decayed tooth and remove bad breath. Lu An Gua Pian contains fluorine, catechin can inhibit caries bacteria reproduction and reduce the incidence of dental plaque and periodontitis. Tannin in tea has the effect of killing bacteria, so it can effectively prevent bad breath.

6.Prevent cancer. Lu An Gua Pian has an inhibitory effect on certain cancer. Drinking tea on a regular basis is beneficial to body health.

7.Whiten skin and prevent ultraviolet. Some substances in Lu An Gua Pian like catechin can help resist ultraviolet.

8.Improve indigestion. Lu An Gua Pian can help improve indigestion conditions, such as acute diarrhea caused by bacteria. You can drink some Lu An Gua Pian tea to reduce the condition.

Tea Garden and Picking

Lu An Gua Pian is one of China's ten historical famous tea, produced in Yu An Country of Liu An City and Jin Zhai Country and Huo Shan Country adjacent to the mountains and low hills, divided into "inside mountain gua pian" and "outside mountain gua pian" two producing areas.

"Qi shan ming pian" produced in Qi tou mountain(or called Qi yun mountain) is the highest grade tea. Qi tou mountain is a part of Dabie mountain, elevation is 804 meters. The whole mountain is made of granite, lush trees, bizarre rocks around, stream waterfalls, mist-covered.

 Lu An Gua Pian producing area annual average temperature is 15℃ and annual average rainfall is 1200~1300 mm. The soil PH is about 6.5, mostly are yellow-brown soil, loose texture, soil layer thick, tea garden mainly distributed in hillside and valley. The ecological environment is very superior.

Different from other tea leaves, Gua Pian picking is extremely careful, it only picks the most tender leaves, no buds or stems picks five or six leaves at most from one branch. In terms of picking technology, Gua Pian is the only one that everyone leaves picked individually. Besides, weather is vital when picking, not pick on a rainy day. Picking gently, can't damage the leaves or break the branches.

How to make Lu An Gua Pian tea?

Drinking Lu an melon slices, the first choice is a transparent glass, followed by a white porcelain Gaiwan.

3g/150ml.3 grams tea for every 150 ml water.

Temperature about 80℃ (176℉).

Infuse 1-2 minutes.

1.Brew in a glass

Through the transparent glass, you can enjoy the posture of Lu'an melon slices in the water. When brewing, you can see pieces of tea in the water, stretching and dancing.

2.Brew in Gaiwan

The white porcelain Gaiwan does not absorb the soup and aroma, and has strong reducibility, maintaining the original flavor of Lu’an melon slices. The tureen has a fast heat dissipation rate and will not suffocate the tea leaves. Melon slices are clear and green in the soup, which is easier to show up against the white porcelain.

It is one of the best Green teas. Lu An Gua Pian has the highest nutritional level among all green tea. The most careful picking and processing make the elegant fragrance, bright soup, and mellow taste. Buy it now! Try it!